"If your latest fund raiser has been a wash out, it's time to clean up with ScrubaDub's Group Fund Raising Program. Use the power of the web along with social media tools to raise money for your cause.

For every $10 donation your donor will receive one ScrubaDub Express wash via email. (2 washes for $20 etc...) Your group gets 50% of the donation.

Simply register your charity with ScrubaDub. Once approved, upload your logo or photo and a descriptions of your cause and we will create a custom website for you to begin collecting donations. Send the address of this custom website to your supporters. By rewarding your donor with a clean car, you will be able to raise more money. We process the credit cards, collect the money for you, and send you a check at the end of the promotion. We take care of all the details so all you need to do is to get your family and friends online to donate!"

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